Whispering Willow

Natural Bath Salt Rose

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Whispering Willow Rose Natural Bath Salts provide a fresh, floral aroma that invites you to create an oasis of peace and tranquility in your day.  While the unique blend of salts ease the tension and tightness from your muscles, the calming Rose scent provides mental and emotional calm and clarity that encourages balance and renewal.

 A base of Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and Pacific Sea Salt and blend this with organic rose petals, organic geranium essential oil, and rose essential oil.  All in a recyclable glass jar with a bamboo lid that seals tightly to maintain freshness.  

Instructions for use: Simply add a few tablespoons of our Natural Bath Salts to your tub as you run your bath.

Net Weight - 9oz

Rose Bath Salt Ingredients: dead sea salt, Atlantic sea salt, epsom salt, chopped roses, organic geranium essential oil, rose essential oil